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Skycamp 2.0: The new & improved 2019 Skycamp

In 2017, the Skycamp became the most successful tent in crowdfunding history, raising $2.3 million. In 2018, the Skycamp won the Red Dot Design Award and became available in 26 countries. In 2019, we’re excited to introduce the Skycamp 2.0: a new, improved Skycamp.

1 minute setup

Park your car and set up your Skycamp in just 60 seconds. Really, it’s that fast.

Comfortably sleeps 4 people

The floor folds out into a king-size mattress, and we’ve increased the skycamp 2.0’s memory foam thickness by 50% compared to the original skycamp. A family of two adults and two children can sleep comfortably, or up to 3 adults. You won’t find another hard shell rooftop tent this spacious.

Stainless steel hardshell locks

Let these custom hard shell locks give you peace of mind.

Canopy windows

The Skycamp 2.0 windows consist of 3 parts: an inner see-through vinyl window, a mesh one, and an outer polyester one. The outer window can either be rolled up or turned into a canopy.

Attention to detail

The skycamp 2.0 ladders have been redesigned: the steps are now level, making them safer and more comfortable when you climb up.

Skycamp road trip – Jasper National Park


Add the annex room for more living space, and customize your skycamp with 11 other accessories.

Rocky Black

The Skycamp’s shell is available in glossy black, white, and now in rocky black as well ($200).

Fits on most vehicles

Thanks to our universal mounting system, the Skycamp fits on most vehicles. At 160lbs (72kg), the Skycamp is extremely lightweight given its size. This allows it to fit on most cross bars on the market.

To check that your vehicle is Skycamp-friendly please check our mounting page or contact us.


Unbeatable quality

Made with utmost care in our own factory, we assemble every skycamp ourselves and the product is certified to the highest international standards, with iso 9001 (quality management) and iso 14001 (environmental management) certification.

The skycamp’s fast, easy set up is only possible because of the careful design and the quality of every part. We’ve spent years perfecting the skycamp’s folding design to create a comfy tent that literally anyone can set up.

Here’s a deeper look at the quality of the Skycamp’s materials.

Aerodynamic, double-layered hard shell

The hard shell of the skycamp is made of frp (fibre-reinforced plastic) and has two layers for extra insulation and strength, setting it apart from traditional roof top tents’ shells.

The hard shell that protects your skycamp on the road is made of fiber-reinforced plastic and has a double layer with built-in air insulation, making it soundproof and condensation resistant. Most rooftop tents have a single-layer shell.

Durable honeycomb aluminum flooring

The skycamp’s floor is made of high-performance honeycomb aluminum panels that are lightweight and strong enough to hold a 1.8-ton jeep wrangler!

The flat, insulated aluminum panels will give you a much more comfortable night’s rest than the rocky, cold ground.

300gsm poly-cotton canvas

The skycamp tent is made of breathable, water-resistant poly-cotton canvas. To really keep you dry, it also comes with waterproof zippers and a rain fly for extra protection.

The problem with most tents is that the thin polyester has a vinyl coating, making it less breathable and increasing condensation. The skycamp’s thicker, heavier canvas will keep you dry, and it’s also quieter in the wind.

Detachable tent

The tent “Skin” is just one part of the skycamp. It’s completely detachable, allowing you to switch it out with our lighter mesh tent in summer or replace the tent after a few years without having to buy a whole new skycamp. You can also upgrade to one of our limited-edition designs.

Wind resistant

The Skycamp has been put to the test!

It is strong. It handles wind gusts better than any ground tent I have ever used.” – Tyler

One of the reasons I picked it is because we camp a lot in windy areas along the coast. It works great in the wind.” – Merel

“I haven’t had any wind issues at all! And we were in a couple nasty storms already.” – Joy

4.9 / 5 STARS
“This is the 4th rooftop tent that I have owned. iKamper is

by far the best.” – Cherie L.

“Great job guys, you have made a great product that helps bring families together.” – Josh N.

“Bottom line: there is no way we’d rather camp!” – Melodee S.

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